Welcome to Stoney Middleton CE Primary School. We welcome new pupils throughout the year. Please call us on 01433 630520 to arrange a visit.
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Stoney MiddletonCE (C) Primary SchoolLearning together, growing together with PRIDE


Welcome to Stoney Middleton CE Primary School


Welcome to Stoney Middleton CE Primary School - a great place to belong!  Where all children are treated as individuals, with individual needs and are encouraged to be the very best they can be.  We want our children to be SMILERS; nurturing our children to be healthy, happy and hungry to learn, in our Ofsted report 2022 it was noted that 'Parents appreciate the caring and nurturing atmosphere'.

Stoney Middleton is a small primary set in the heart of the village, providing high quality education and fantastic opportunities for learning.  We are proud to be part of The Woodland Federation of Peak District Schools, a small federation consisting of three, like-sized schools who come TOGETHER for learning on a Monday and Friday; offering our children the opportunity to mix with a wider group of peers for subjects such as PE, Woodland Learning and Music, this was well received in our most recent Ofsted inspection, 'Leaders provide useful opportunities for pupils to experience 'together days'.  On these days, pupils say that they enjoy their time learning in the local woodland ad participating in music and physical education lessons'.

Our curriculum is lively, exciting and well designed to engage all pupils. As well as all the traditional academic subjects, pupils are encouraged to participate in musical activities, sporting festivals and competitions. 


Whilst we believe that excellence in the world of academia is important, we strive to develop a wealth of skills, experiences and opportunities which enable the children of our school family to become proud, respectful, determined individuals with a high sense of integrity in their pursuit of excellence. 

We are a learning community, always trying to find the most effective teaching methods. We always focus on resilience (it's ok to make mistakes) and a growth mindset (a belief that all children can improve through their own efforts). 


Despite our very small size, we strive to provide opportunities for enrichment, ensuring that our children have access to an interesting and enjoyable curriculum which has been designed in conjunction with the children, focusing on their interests along with the requirements of the national curriculum.


The small numbers on roll, mean personalised learning targets for all and well differentiated work is readily available for all pupils.  Small class sizes means all children receive lots of attention from the dedicated, committed, hardworking and enthusiastic staff.


We are proud to offer Flexi-School opportunities for those families who wish to combine formal schooling with the opportunity to home school.  This is achieved through a 'core-day' curriculum implemented 3 days a week, where all children are required to attend, regardless of their enrolment status.


Stoney Middleton is a friendly and welcoming school where every child truly matters and is recognised as an individual, and I feel truly privileged to be a part of the Stoney family.

Enjoy browsing the pages of our website and if you feel this might be the school for your child, please phone us on 01433 630520 or email us at to arrange a time to visit.